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Friday, June 4, 2010

Features of Analisi Blog

                       Features of Analisi Blog
Recommended Investments
On all racing days I will be publishing the recommended investments for the day. There are three categories of investments.
1. Prime - Investment like there is no tomorrow
These are kind of opportunities where success is almost decided much before the races are ran. We may not come across prime investment every week however whenever we get must do a killing. In racing terms - one can back his pants. Patient souls who would like to make big in racing by investing 10 in-a-row should follow this.
2. Good - This one can be used in double and triple for maximize return
These are kind of racing certainties. One can invest all the money reserved for a day in these kind of opportunities. If you get 2-3 such options in a day must do a roll. In racing terms these are Jaana-Aanna types.
3. Casual - This one is just single investments
These are everyday excitements to keep you going. One must divide a day quota by the number of recommendations for the day. You will have few of them every racing days.

Since all of them goes through different levels of tough scrutiny one can invest then sit back and relax. I target to publish this by 10 am on racing days. Whenever time permits I will try to give rationale for my selections. I hope you understand any delay due to personal or professional commitments.
I intend to tip horses with at least even money however if the offered odds are less than that I can only share the disappointment with you.

Computer generated Rating for the racing day
This is a dynamic computer generated rating report based on artificial intelligence. Analisi try to predict the outcome of the race from winner to last placed horse. Analisi consider the following factors to make its decision.
a. Caption’s Speed Rating (CR)
b. Pedigree Factor
c. Jockey Factor
d. Trainer Factor
e. Track Factor
f. Odds Factor
g. Form Factor
h. Class Factor
i. Distance Factor
j. Negative Factor
Generally one of the top rated horses wins the race and there is a high percentage of place rate for the top rated horses. You can use this as handicapping aid for your own handicapping method.
I try to publish this on previous night of the racing days so that all of you get enough time to study it. Also an option is given to take printout for reference.

Key Races
There are some races where you see the participants of this particular race come out and win their future races. I am still figuring out the phenomenon behind this however this is a reality. One reason could be matching strides with certain horse encourage others to perform better. The key is to identify these races well in advance for your advantage. Watch out horse from key races published by me. This is very dynamic list and keeps changing.
I will try to publish this list by every Tuesday.

Track Variant
Due to various reasons most of the races either run fast or slow. This is “time in seconds” one need to add or subtract this time from the final time of all horses in that particular race. If the handicapping method you follow is based on the final time of the horses this is a very useful tool. I will explain the reason and usefulness of this in some other document. This is very dynamic list and keeps changing.
I will try to publish this list by every Thursday.

Top Jockeys for the week
Well you might have noticed that the top and inform jockeys wins most of the races. Considering jockeys life time achievement and recent performance I have figured out the top jockeys for the week. Follow them to profit. This is a dynamic list and keeps changing.
I will try to publish this list by every Thursday.

Analisi Investment Tracker
I think when it comes to performance appraisal only the numbers should matter rest all is story. Here is an opportunity for you to judge me and my system. It will also help me to find out my own short coming and get motivated on my good performance.
I will try to publish during the week.

Per Distance/Strike Rate of Dam and Sire
It is better to know the pedigree of the horse you are going to invest for your own comfort feeling. Depend on time and viewer’s demand I will publish these details.

Analisi Handicapping – Learning Series
I am planning to publish a series of learning articles and analysis for benefit of race goers. Will publish as when it is ready.


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