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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Analisi Rating for Pune 16th October10

Dear All,

Analisi is back after the CWG break…. I must let you know that Delhi looks very beautiful these days 
There is a positive changes in Analisi Rating… weightage for “Captain Speed Rating” is raised by 7 points. Hope this will help in clearly identifying the winners.

Best OF Luck
Pune 16th October10 Ver3
Result  Summary
Result Analysis of IR - Pune 16th October10

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Detailed Analysis of Pune Derby - Apne Baap Ka Kya jata hai?

I personally believe that Derby is not for Aam Aadmi (mango man/common man). However what goes of my father (Apne Baap Ka Kya jata hai ) to comment on it?. So here is my 2 cents…

These are the horses who have done something in their life or shown some sparks to excel. We need sto tudy them in detail to understand their chances today.

BERLUSCONI --- If someone tell BERLUSCONI that he is not in odds he will ask himself what he had done wrong…Yes he had won both his starts and he can improve on that… just can’t ignore him…

ELOISE – Seems to be a good type and a fast learner…unlike many other he is experienced, seen winning post many times… and always improving…strong contender.... Given a chance I will never bet against him..

LIGHT MY WAY – "Deja vu" being there done that.. He is the only horse who have won on this distance. I think Jockey factor is most important in any race and especially in classic races and here we have YS and mind you.. he got great temperament for big races. Though LIGHT MY WAY has done nothing great to boost his claim in speed rating he is the top contender for this Derby.

OCEAN AND BEYOND – Basking in the reflected glory…but can’t do it for lifelong…. He had done something earlier on however never improved in his speed rating, that indicates his limitations.. the only hope is that he maintained his speed rating in all his races and if none improve their rating he can win..

STAR WARRIOR – He is a Xerox copy of OCEAN AND BEYOND , basking in the reflected glory…but can’t do it for lifelong…. The only great thing done by STAR WARRIOR is that he had beaten Machupichu exactly one back in Pune….

These are the horses who many think they are contenders by default, may be because of pedigree or the price paid by their owners or by some misconception. It’s okay to just look at them and reject them. Sometimes they do place however these horses never win.

Anyone related to races are fascinated with Derby so no need to mention how an owner will be…….even having a runner in the Derby field is different feeling as name of all the runners and their connections will go down in the record books. So some these are present here either for ego related reason or to help some other runner. It is mere waste of time to analysis them.


All said and done, generally only one horse wins the race so here are my selections for Pune Derby 2010


Well My recommendation for the day is OCEAN LEGACY… back him as a good thing.. you will never regret.