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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

All About Analisi

Dear Analisi Patrons,

I keep getting lot of Emails from inquisitive visitors of the blog to know how does Analisi works, How different is Analisi from traditional handicapping methods, etc....

We believe technology should make our life simpler, not more complex. Well based on the above stated principle “Analisi” is a brand new innovate concept may be first time in horse racing history.

Analisi make use most of the latest technologies in Machine Learning (Supervised learning & unsupervised learning-ability to find patterns in a stream of input) & Predication. Some well known theories like Game Theory and time tested algorithms like Decision Three, Neural Networks, Bayesian Network, etc employed in Analisi.

More than 50000 lines of software codes written to analyze 8000+ races to predict the result of a future race.

Here is a small presentation on "Analisi"

Click on the above link, a new window will open up, download the file to your computer in .ppsx format and view..