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Thursday, June 17, 2010

10 Years of Learning, Advice and Wish list

       10 Years of Learning, Advice and Wish list

1. Believe in Yourself.
Believing in you is the first step to the success in racing. If you don't have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to succeed in racing. You must enter the race course with a firm belief that you got an edge over others (bookies, race fixing jockeys/trainers/connections). When in doubt keep reciting that “I come over here with a well-thought-strategy to make big in racing and not depended on mere luck”.

2. Must have/follow a Handicapping System with minimum 33% strike rate and flat investment profit.
If you are good in art/science of handicapping it is good for you, try to improve your skills. Nothing to worry even if you don’t possess the desired skill set. Most of the professional tipsters like new paper, races books etc have more than 33% strike rate in their preferred races just follow them to profit. If you are not ready for both above options forget about making big in racing.

3. Decide your investment well in advance preferably before starting from home.
It is almost impossible to pick-up winners consistently by handicapping between the races. A serious horse player should have access to the race card a day in advance. Once inside the race course never change your selection to another horse on hearsay, paddock look, very low odds, very high odds, etc. Only one thing you are allowed to do is either reduce your investment size or skip the race.

4. Back only horses with inform top jockeys (Every week I will be publishing this list).
Owners and Trainers won’t expect to win all the races. Entering their ward for certain races are part of the training program. A good trainer with integrity gives clear message to general public on these kinds of practice races by a negative equipment change, putting a track jockey on top, running in wrong class or running in a wrong distance. When horse is ready to strike they normally engage a top jockey.

5. Invest only in Win and Place should investment big enough to hurt you when you lose out.
We are in a game where winners take all. Each way, SHP, Forecast, Tanalla, etc. are for pensioners and in long run it is not going to take you anywhere. Jackpot is exception where one can try his luck once in awhile with small investment of few hundred rupees.

6. Must avoid fancy investments.
Money saved is as good as money won. There are bookies like Sh**** K***** in DRC who offers more than 60/1 for few horses in every race to tempt the greedy punters. You can’t blame them as it’s their business model. A winner at 20/1 or 50/1 once in a blue moon will surely boost your ego and give you an opportunity to show off your handicapping skills to your racing friends. Remember you are here with a purpose.

7. Should be in time to get the best odds.
Odds are the key for your success. You should get the best odds for your investment. One rushing to bookies rings after the loading bells are gone most likely to invest with the first bookies he sees.

8. Should develop a habit of watching the paddock parade.
Do you remember few anxious minutes between the first bell and final bell for the exam in your school days? Yes in these few minutes we recall all the studies we have done during the year and feel satisfied and confidently walk to the exam hall. In horse racing this is an opportunity given to horseplayers to confirm his paper study with horse in flesh and blood. Present condition of the horse is most important for his/her performance in any given day. There are lots of materials available over internet on how a fit horse looks. If you find out that your selection does not meet the criteria set by you one should simply drop his investment plans. In future I may write an article on my experience with paddock looks. I also request old hands to enlighten us with their experience.

9. Keep the record of your investments.
You should think like a CEO. I think one should reserve at least 10% of his racing time for record keeping. On your racing journey it is important to stop by and look back once in a while.

10. Enroll your family to your hobby.
Last but most important one, it is very important that your dear ones are behind you for your successes never hide your horse racing hobby from them. Life is not only horse racing, it is much more than that don’t waste your life for racing. If you do not take away family’s deserved money and give family quality time none is going to object you.

           10 Years of Learning, Advice and Wish list - Downloadable Version


  1. amazing...I never knew that tipster use to share this type of tips..really nice principals..I personally request all the punters to go through and try to follow ur ideas..its really work out.

  2. sir

    ur idea/view give us' three/ten yrs experiens in a minites. it will very-very usefull for all of us.
    khera pk

  3. sir, when we see the horse in the paddock how we can estimate it fitness kindly explain to punters

  4. Amit

    Dear Your experiance in horse racing is giving one truth that one should not hide this from family as if you wins and give money to family without telling the truth what will you do at the time of loosing in this game. So its realy nice to tell the truth inspite of hiding the same.

  5. Dear Prakash,

    Are you hiding yourself again !

    Col B S Kochar (Retd)

  6. Dear Captain,
    It is amazing. Keep it up. Wish you and all the punters all the best..


  7. There you go again!

    Dear RaceWageringStrategy,

    you are doing a great disservice to Captain alias Analisi, by insinuating that this excellent tipping blog is floated by me in disguise.

    Beyond the fact that Captain had attended my workshop in 2003, I have no connection with him whatsoever except the fact that we both share a deep curiosity about the wonderful game of horse racing, and attempt to solve the puzzle.

    Looking at Captain's current level of expertise, one can see he has absorbed the best of whatever systems he has learnt (and I am sure he has learnt many) in the last 10 years, and synthesized them to great advantage.

    Earlier there was attempt by some to insinuate that I was Ruchi, and now this accusation by you. I sometimes wonder why people come out with these bizarre theories when my racing life has been as glaring and public like a billboard on highway.



  8. oh captain you are great I just got hold of u today, never late.


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